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What Makes Up Armored Luxury Cars

By Tiffany Gill

Armored vehicles are used every day for different purposes including protecting money and other valuables being transported from place to place. The vehicles used for this purpose are unmistakable because apart from the armor protecting them from attacks, it is also meant to be visible to act as a deterrent. For armored luxury cars, the story is different. The extra security features are meant to blend in making the vehicle appear just like any other top end model.

The reason why armored luxury cars have to look normal is because they are meant for civilian use. The other reason, is the people who use them. They are a favorite for celebrities, politicians and even criminals all of whom have reasons to conceal the true capability of their moving fortresses. Therefore any vehicle sought for these purposes has to meet certain conditions.

When making the purchase decision, one must decide whether to go for those made armored right from the beginning or those hardened later on. Based on the option one settles for, the cost involved might change. One should also expect different results depending on the option taken because vehicles toughened later one are not likely to match the protection offered by the ones made with armor from scratch.

To armor a car takes a lot of things. For instance, hardened plates must be used to cover most of the body making the vehicle impregnable to bullets and other explosives. Special glass also needs to be used on the windows making them resistant to bullets and explosives. Tires that can operate while deflated are also necessary.

It would also be good to consider additional features like side and underside blast protection as well as self sealing fuel tanks. With these, the occupants of the vehicle will be fully protected from explosive blasts. Armor protection may also be used around the radiator and battery to ensure that the vehicle is not disabled when there is an attack.

In case of attack, there is always the option of staying and fighting or taking flight. For most people, taking flight is usually the most practical option. Therefore, it will be good to have a vehicle with fast acceleration. This combined with other features like run flat tires which keep the vehicle mobile even after an attack will ensure total safety.

If one is looking for absolute security for the occupants, it is good consider attacks where no explosives are used. In this case, gas attacks could be the major concern. Chemical gas sensors and a system to supply fresh air into the vehicle once such a threat is detected will be necessary. Another inclusion that could be useful is an automatic fire extinguisher.

The security features in armored luxury cars makes them almost like vaults which will not only keep attackers away, but might also prevent the occupants from exiting the vehicle. This is why one must consider safety features that will allow a quick exit if one is needed. One such feature is a switch that can detonate explosives to break open the windshield providing an exit point.

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