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Facts You Should Know About VIN Verification

By Kenya Campos

Having your own set of wheels in these present times is not anymore a luxury. Cars are now included in the list of necessities that every human being should have. With a hundred other things happening simultaneously every minute, it is a must that you have to keep up with the times, or be left out with the latest.

The increase in the demand of products is synonymous also to higher prices, according to the law of supply and demand. Vehicular products are not an exemption, as their prices can reach sky high rates. To avoid such, some just get themselves those old ones. They will just do a vin verification Sacramento and speed off with their not so new ride.

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually very good reasons that make the previously loved vehicles better than a new one. For starters, used cars have lower price tag yet have less depreciation. Experts say that a new car typically depreciates about 20 percent by the first time you drive it off the lot. It losses another ten in the first year of use.

Having to purchase a new drive will also mean that you will have to take on all those additional taxes. These models seem to have glossed over with impossibly high sales taxes that can sum up to about a thousand dollars, maybe even more. But, if you buy the same model from someone who has had it for quite some time, you will not be required to pay as much. Cars come with annual registration fees, too, but older ones have lesser prices.

Of course, there are loads of other reasons that are enough to make you rethink about buying that newest model and settle for an older one instead. But of course, as everything has two sides, the positive and the not so good, one must always observe caution and choose the vehicle wisely. One of the best things to do is to check out the Vehicle Identification number or VIN of the said auto to know what needs to be done about it.

A VIN typically has seventeen characters. It comprises a combination of numbers and letters that are all jumbled up and are quite hard to remember. Some may think this is done just so that no one will be able to use the VIN, but there is actually a deeper and more accurate reasoning as to why it appears this way.

Characters one, two and three tell you the model of the car. The unique features that this particular model boasts are inked down and found in the next five digits. The ninth digit is the most important part of the VIN, as it tells you whether the series of characters are legitimate or not. The place and the plant that assembled the said model is found in the tenth and eleventh characters. The remaining digits give the sequence of the production.

It is usually located on the dashboard of the car, near the windshield. It can also be on the door on the side of the driver, near the latch of the said door. You might also want to try looking for it under the side mirror. It can also be located in the very front of the engine block of your car. The wheel well can also be a place to check out the said serial numbers. You might want to take a look above the rear tire on the side of the driver.

The car history is accessed through the VIN. You can check it from outside sources so that you will have an idea about the car you are about to buy. Make sure to ask for a printed copy from the dealer when the sale has been made.

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