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Sell My Car In New Jersey

By Lila Bryant

It is not hard to sell your automobile. If you are understand the procedure you should be able to transfer the ownership in a short while. If you have never sold a vehicle before, it is advisable to research on the right steps to follow. Some of the things you need for a successful transfer include a bill of sale agreement and the title of your automobile. How to sell my car in New Jersey is a popular question among vehicle owners.

The first thing you need to do when you are selling your vehicle is to find a Motor Vehicle Commission that is within your location. You should know all the steps to follow before the ownership of your vehicle is transferred to a new person. You should make sure you know where the title of the vehicle is. Get rid of your license plates because the vehicle is no longer going to be yours.

A bill of sale agreement should follow. This is a document that is shared between the buyer who is purchasing the vehicle and the seller. The agreement should have details of both parties. It should have addresses, phone numbers and personal data. The document should also have details of the car in question. The price of your automobile should be well stated in the bill of sale agreement.

Other details like the mileage should also be on the document. The agreement should be signed by both the seller and the buyer. This should take place when a notary is witnessing. Make sure you have a bill of sale agreement that is well drafted. It is important to have the dates alongside the signatures so that the document is official.

You can take the money after you are done signing the document in front of the notary. You should now take the title and sign at the back of it. Include the date, name and address of the buyer at the back of the title. The reading of the odometer as well as the price that the vehicle is being sold for needs to be included as well. In New Jersey you do not need to visit the MVC with the buyer in order for you to complete the sale process.

All you need is to give the buyer the keys, the car title as well as a copy of the bill of sale agreement. You need to inform the buyer to visit the New Jersey MVC before 10 business days are over. After that time has elapsed the buyer will have to pay a fee before the title transfer can go through.

The back of the title should also include his drivers license number. The buyer should carry fees for registration and sales tax. He should also have an insurance card that is valid as well as the copy of bill of sale agreement. You have to pay the registration fee for the transfer to go through.

Before the new plates are out the buyer will use a temporary tag. When you have transferred the vehicle to another person you need to return your plates to a MVC agency that is nearer you. If you wish to use the same plates on another automobile then you can do so.

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