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Why Oxygen Sensor Recycling Is Important

By Eloise Hewitt

One can measure the proportion of oxygen present while analyzing a liquid or a gas using specially designed sensors. Oxygen sensor recycling has been done by many since the gadget was first designed in the late 1960s under the supervision of Gunter Bauman who was a doctor by profession. This has mainly happened because the device is likely to malfunction or under-perform due to some fixable reasons that do not necessarily mean that one has to buy a new one.

The gadgets are usually installed exhaust systems of vehicles. Here they are normally exposed to fuel and toxic wastes from gases like hydrogen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. These toxins are bound to pollute the device which will inhibit the capacity of the gadget to perform efficiently. Contamination caused by oil and fuel may also lead to damage. If soot builds up in the ceramic parts of this gadget, the response time greatly increases and its detection ability reduces.

Poor quality gasoline may contain lead which shortens the lifespan of the sensors. When they get exposed to silicone and silicates, their ability to function in the right manner is hindered as well. The function of this device is usually to determine what the best ratio of air and fuel in the exhaust of the car is. When there is contamination, the gas combustion engine runs rich or lean which decreases the mileage of a vehicle.

The sensor must be maintained in the required shape and state so that gas usage does not increase. If it gets damaged beyond repair, one will have no choice but to purchase a new one. This is however an expensive affair and that is why recycling is usually recommended. For instance when the performance has reduced, one can try to clean the device and re-install it.

The cleaning of sensors does not always guarantee that the device will work once more or will be as good as new. This however is worth giving a shot instead of having to replace the old or damaged item with a new one. This is done mainly to cut costs and it could as well work.

A blow torch is one object that could help recycle the gadgets instead of getting rid of them. The sensor is normally exposed to a lot of heat where it is placed and the main contaminant here is a coat of baked carbon that forms on its tip. This coating does not readily dissolve in any solvents and can only be eliminated using the blow torch which helps in heating the tip.

The blow torch is therefore used to heat the tip of the device and this is done till it has turned red. Once it is red, it is immediately dipped in water and then compressed air is blown into the tip so as to clean it. Any deposits that had been formed break up and one can do this again.

The CRC brand QD electronic cleaner can also be used to eliminate fuel and oil contaminants. This cleanser is very effective because it gets rid of the entire residue once it is dry. However, you must ensure that you keep a safe distance between the nozzle of the cleaner and the oxygen sensor when spraying. This will help the device to serve you for longer and you do not always have to buy a new one.

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