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Hydraulic Hose Assemblies Are Used In Many Industries

By Arline Bradley

Hydraulic hoses differ from standard rubber hoses in the fact that they have a braided stainless steel sleeve within the outer sheath. This means that the hose can cope with much higher pressures. They also make use of couplings that are crimped on to ensure that there are no weaknesses in the system when they are in use.

Another factor that has to be considered is a way that the assembly can be disconnected very quickly. This means that when minimal amount of that pressure is lost during the process of decoupling. This is extremely useful in the construction industry as it means that the hydraulic hose assemblies can be easily disconnected from one tool and connected to another without any problems.

It is very important therefore, that the technology behind the fittings can meet the ever-increasing demands and challenges required of it. This is due to the sophisticated equipment that is being used to meet the requirements of the users. To supplement the strength the longer hoses have by having re-enforced outer sleeves, it is common practice to insert a Teflon tube inside a hose, towards the center of the length.

Due to all the reinforcement that is necessary to incorporate within these hoses, they are a lot heavier and sturdier than a standard hose. It is not only high pressures that they have to withstand, they also have to be capable of coping with high temperatures. This is due to the heat generated during such actions as the pumping of hydraulic fluids, and the physical movements required during such operations as drilling and hammering.

Most hydraulic assemblies incorporate some form of cooling system. However, the fluid in this system can become extremely hot in its own right, so extreme care should be taken. Safety inspections of the complete assembly must be made before any of the equipment can be used.

Hydraulic system manufacturers are always looking at new ways in which to improve their products, this includes making them stronger, lighter, and more supple. New materials are also being developed and used throughout the industry in order to meet the new challenges. In order to help meet tougher environmental situations. Some of these houses now have an extra layer of synthetic rubber, to avoid any problems from chafing and splitting

The complete assembly is made up of the the hose and the fittings. To ensure that it all fits together securely, and in a manner that it will work efficiently, the assembly must be done by a specially trained professional. They will be practiced in the correct way to complete the assembly so as to avoid a situation where the fittings become disconnected from the hose whilst in operation and causing a serious injury to a user.

Meant of safety can never be stressed too much when it comes to these assemblies, as they can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. However, it is also very important that these assemblies are cared for whilst in use, and one way to do this is to minimise the operating range. This will increase the lifespan of the equipment, and any such guidance can be found in the guidelines issued by the governing body of the industry.

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