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Go Fully JDM With Acura Aftermarket Parts

By Tracie Knight

East, as it is known, is a delicate matter, as the land of the rising sun has its own unique traditions around: food, clothing, and their lifestyle. Therefore, tuning Japanese cars is also noticeably different from the European and American standards, something painfully obvious, when it comes to buying Acura aftermarket parts.

Bosozoku is a way of life in the land of the rising sun. Bosozoku cars were originally called Zoku (mafia car). In the start of the '80s, the movement was formed into a tuning- focused culture that included 5 main styling directions. Modern bosozoku is a mix of the basic styles and directions.

What is tuning, is something that virtually every motorist knows. But the fact that there are several schools of tuning - European, American and Japanese, is probably not known to all. If the European school of tuning the focus is on improving the appearance of the car, the cabin comfort and refinement to improve the dynamics of the engine, the Japanese give comfort very little attention.

Carbon, in your JDM- themed Acura, is mandatory. At least, the hood and a few body parts must use this material. Also - old school wheels with bright colors, often littered with so-called castor, almost rubbing on flared wheel arches are another staple of the movement.Since tuning Japanese cars is based on different types of racing disciplines, appropriate modifications must be made. This means bigger radiators and intercoolers, providing quality cooling at high speeds; the lights can be taped crosswise, to repel track debris in case of small accidents; and an abundance of carbon fiber to reduce vehicle weight.

Perhaps the most significant Japanese tuning devices are a boost controller; an intercooler and piping and a trusty ignition controller. An electronic boost controller (boost controller) makes it possible to control the process of the pressurization cycles and the opening of the injectors. An intercooler regulates the cooling of your turbine, it is an instrument that affects its performance and operation duration.

One thing your Acura may be well- suited to, is the popular VIP culture- the most expensive bosozoku, done by tuning new (or relatively new), and expensive cars (such as this brand offers). There are two versions of the appearance of this style: among members of the yakuza and street racers in Osaka. But in both cases, the reason is to attempt to reduce the attention of police by tuning expensive Japanese sedans, with the mandatory under-clearance and installation of wide wheels.

You will see that, with the help of an ignition controller, one can change the angle of ignition (from +15 to -15%), while changing the crankshaft position and sensor readings as well. With this, the engine speed indicators' firing angle can be set in 5 varying positions. Those motorists who believe that the speed of a car is important, probably know more than a dozen Japanese tuned cars, which created a stir in the world.

Grachan is yet another popular car sub- culture in Japan. The name was derived from the shortening of "Grand Championship"- a Japanese racing series in the 70-80-ies. It is this term that hides the craziest kinds of cars with hypertrophied body kits (sometimes, due to the array of plastic, it is impossible to recognize the original model). Whatever style you choose, rest assured, your Acura will adapt to it well.

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