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Window Tinting Guide For Beginners

By Minnie Whitley

Having windows that are tinted have become popular to drivers these days. Some would use it for additional privacy. There are those who have it to get protected from the heat of the sun. Doing a window tinting Richmond VA people really like could make a car look polished. If you are a beginner on this, it would be a difficult task for you. There are some steps you have to follow so that you will be doing it the right way.

First, you have to know what are the regulations on that. There are places that implement regulations on having tinted windows. When you have a very dark tint, it will be difficult for officials to identify people who violate the law. You could contact the installer in the area to know this. You can also do a research on that.

Next, you have to decide on the type of tint you want. There are a lot of types for it that are being sold in the market. The choice would depend on the shade or the effect that you wanted to have.

You should also consider the choice you would be making. Before you think of applying it by yourself, you have to consider the pros and cons of that choice. Its type would differ on the price and even some ways on applying it. There are even those that can last longer than the other ones.

When you have made a decision already, you can start by cleaning the windows. It should be cleaned thoroughly inside and out. You can use a cleaning solution and squeegee. You may have it cleaned more than twice so you can be sure all dirt is removed. It would be better if they are clean so that there will be no bubbles when it is applied.

You have to do the necessary measurements. After you have that, you should pre cut it. Trim it using a razor knife to the size that you got for your window. You should be careful when you are doing that. You can leave about one inch on each side so that you can be sure the entire window is covered.

After that, you have to trim it. Position it so that its bottom part would extend about a quarter of an inch below the top of the inside casket. With the use of the razor knife, trim the edges vertically first. Then, you have to trim it to fit the shape at the top part. You have to make sure you will be pressing the knife gently to avoid damage on the glass.

You must apply the application solution. Spray that on its inside part. Then, you should peel its liner and spray the side that is exposed with its solution. Apply tint to that window. You should position that carefully on the glass. Slide that to the proper place. You may start on the bottom going to top.

If you have never applied one before then you should think of hiring a professional installer for that. By doing that, you will avoid any bubbles from appearing on the tinting. Any damages on it or your windows would also be avoided.

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