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Facts About Car Door Guards

By Lila Bryant

There exist numerous accessories out in the market which are custom made to fit one or more purposes for our treasured automobile devices. It may be for protection or simply improving the aesthetic appeal of our vehicles. Mentionable accessories include the car door guards, that may appear like a small strip or simply a patch on the car but whose importance is indispensable.

The usefulness of these security gadgets is unmentionable; they come very handy especially in car parks. The devices protect our doors from having dents and paints from peeling off as a result of accidents and minor scratches from surfaces. The surfaces mainly entail jagged walls in parking garages and other cars. It is therefore important to fix some protection guards for our own convenience and for the stunning look of our drives.

The most daunting task is selecting the most appropriate and desired guard. They are readily available and in variety; different sizes, technology and specifications. Some factors are worth considering as far as procuring the best gadget is concerned. For example, the quality of the device, this in turn determines performance and length of duration. Another factor is of course the appearance of your vehicle and the type of damage to be safeguarded against.

There are various ways of attaching the guards to cars. This forms the basis of the available types, including stick on car, magnetic and the hanging car protectors. These methods can be applied basing on the duration of time you want the guard to stay or just the simple appeal to the methodology used.

Perhaps the most common method is the stick on car door edge protection. The method is mainly used to protect surfaces from paint chips, especially the edges. It is a fairly easy to install method and is considered durable due to the use of adhesives. They come in handy if you are trying to prevent damage to the surface of other vehicles which may arise when your door edge comes into contact with them. It may not be the most effective on its own as it only protects the edge, not other surfaces.

Another method is the use of magnetic protection. It uses magnetic materials from the earth coated with silicon rubber to ensure no contact with the paint on the vehicle. This is a fairly easy to clean material, making it a preferred method of protection. The main undoing of the method is that it cannot be used in cars made using nonmagnetic material.

The use of suction cups is also considered when it comes to protection; this method however is not the most reliable since the cups seem to fall off after some time. The main advantage is that they are able to deflect and possibly absorb shock. They are widely used on the window rather than the door.

Simply put, the choice of protection entirely depends on the purpose and the ultimate effect to be achieved. One method is particularly effective on protecting the edges while the others are all purpose. While you can use one technique, integrating more than one may go a long way.

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