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Running Of The Scale Warbirds

By Eloise Hewitt

These are small fighters plane that are meant for gaming or for having fun. Recently there has been an improvement in their make where there are some made of great power and can perform much better on air. Ordinarily they have an engine rating of 50cc and a span that is 86.5 long. These scale warbirds have long bent wings which ease up the flying.

There has been an improvement to a giant scale plane which is much bigger and is a little complex to fly when not used to it. To fly these awesome planes you have to start by a thorough pre-flight check of conditions as to whether they are suitable for the flight. For a small plane it must be mandatory to do this but for a big one it is a must do thing.

Once you are sure of the weather, make sure you tighten all the bolts and nuts and assemble all you need in place together. Another important thing to check is that the central gravity of the machine is where it is supposed to be so that it is balanced. When it is time to fly or even before seek the help of an experienced pilot so that he can help you observe this plane at its first flight and note anything that may need correction.

Use the control or the radio in the most effective way to ensure that when you fly the plane it goes in the direction intended. Be at the behind most part of the plane, at its tail, facing forward and the pull back the stick. To check the rudder do it in the same way.

Ensure the carburetor opens up when you push the stick. This is meant to ensure all the controls are moving freely. To avoid drainage of your battery from the buzzing sound of unset flaps you should use your radio/control to set them.

The best known and used fuel for these small planes is gasoline for they ease operation as long as they get well started. Besides this the following should also be properly fixed, the tank, fuel filters and the engine.

When this is done check that you fit the right propeller in the plane as it is described in the manual of the engine for maximum efficiency. After this start the engine and make it run for between one and two minutes. Care should be exercised when starting the take-off for it should be gradual. When one is not familiar with the plane it is advised that you use the available runaways until when you are familiar with it.

When you have had an enough ground roll, pull up the elevator slowly until it breaks the ground. To see how the model climbs out hold back the pressure but if it steepens ease off the back pressure. Once you have established your departure hit the retract switch and pull up the gear. Be careful not to fly the plane so high due to the eye effect that makes you see that the plane is still too big

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