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Why A Mobile Lube Service San Bernardino CA Firms Offer Will Save You Time And Money

By Essie Osborn

Fleet mangers have a lot on their plate. They must make sure the vehicles are ready when someone needs them and monitor all maintenance. All vehicles must pass state and or local regulatory codes and fines are imposed if not dealt with properly. One of the most important elements of this job is taking care of the basic monitoring of engine fluids to keep them running smoothly. The mobile lube service San Bernardino CA firms and individuals offer is a good idea as they will come to you.

Since most commercial vehicles run more miles per day, than private cars are, they need oil changes more frequently. Each car will have a different schedule as will each delivery van and truck. This gets to be fairly complicated and some may fall through the cracks if a professional does not take over this scheduling. This is one of things that a mobile service can do for you at no additional charge.

Taking a vehicle out to a stationary lube center will tie up personnel who would be better used somewhere else. The drive, waiting and return time can add up if there is a large fleet. It also exposes the vehicle to liability as it is driven into a, often, less than reputable area of town.

Getting all of these services provided by these professionals without having to go any place is a better idea. These mobile service firms can come to you and take care of these items and tasks without your having to do anything except provide the keys. Just having a talk with one of their customer service personnel will let you know the many tasks they can perform and set up the service.

They will show up in a large, clean van. This is important as most cities and towns will not permit service work to be performed on the street or in public view of the street, such as parking lots. All of the servicing will be conducted behind those doors so your vehicles will never leave your site.

Smaller firms may not have the large van and will request permission to take the vehicles to their own site. This is something to consider as they may have a better price structure and, possibly, additional services they can offer. They will have the appropriate insurance and licenses for this transporting and their professionalism is still on display.

The changing of the oil and filters is only one thing they can do for you. Windshield wiper blades and air filters can be changed. Most have specific oil brands they use and many will use the type you have been using all along. Washing the windows, vacuuming the carpet and even installing window tint can all be contracted for.

Getting the best out of a mobile servicing company means asking them a few questions before they go to work. You want to know about any extra charges, such as for a disposal fee for the oil. You will find many of them sell the used oil to recycling companies. Find out if they can come on the weekends to eliminate the possibility of tying up your vehicles during the busy week.

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