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If One Needs To Do Powder Coating Hickory NC Deserves To Be Considered First

By Judy Sullivan

When in need of perfectly done powder coating Hickory NC is the right place to check out first. Powder coating refers to the process of covering a surface or object with free-flowing dry powder. This method has been proven to be superior and better than conventional liquid powders because of the many advantages that come with it. One of the major differences between the two kinds of paints is that conventional liquid paint requires a solvent while dry powder do not.

When painting a surface or an article using this process, there are three fundamental steps that ought to be followed in the precise sequence they come. First step entails preparing surfaces to be coated prior to the actual painting. The next procedure is the actual painting and then thirdly the curing process. All steps are important for perfect results to be achieved.

Before even beginning the preparation of a surface to be coated, one should consider materials the surface is composed of. The materials should determine the type of powder to be selected for the finish. Coating process is performed using two types of polymers, that is, thermoplastic and thermoset. These polymers are meant to bond with various metal types to produce best results. A coat that does well on a car may not do as fine on a small house decoration.

The coat sprinkled on an object adheres on every section of the object. This implies that it may seal off clamps, bearings, bolts and nuts and any other surface that might have to be opened sometimes later. There is therefore necessity for thorough cleaning of a surface before applying paint. Foreign materials, rust scale, dirt, and mill must be eliminated using appropriate cleaning techniques.

Hard metals like cast iron and steel could be cleaned using bead and/or abrasive blasting. Oil, paint, grease, light sanding, and other chemicals could be eliminated from surfaces using the chemical solvent cleaning method. Chemical solvent cleaning method must be utilized for finishing surface preparation process. Soft or smooth alloy metals like aluminium and magnesium may be eliminated by use of wire brushing, sanding, and solvent cleaning. Sand paper could be applied on certain forms of contaminants.

The actual coating process is done using a compressed air sprayer or a gun. The compressed air or gun electrostatically charges the powder material to make it stick onto the surface being coated. The surface is normally grounded for the bonding process to happen. Guns come in different varieties and can be purchased from any store for as little as 100 US Dollars.

The curing should be done depending on the kind of metal in question. If the object is small enough, a traditional oven can do just fine otherwise infrared heat lamps or other flameless heat sources can be used. Application of the coat on an already heated substrate is also an option that most people are settling for these days. Curing should take between ten to fifteen minutes.

When in need for well done powder coating Hickory NC provides a nice location to consider visiting. There are many firms in the area that provide this service at very affordable costs. They may be contacted at any time for their services. The internet can offer some contacts to call.

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