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Manhole Cover Lifting The Safe Way

By Grace Rivas

Manholes are those holes that can be found on the street that would cover passages that would lead to the underground sewage system of the city and would be covered by big metal lids. Now if one would want to take out these big metal lids, then it is important for him to follow a manhole cover lifting procedure and have a few tools. So if one is curious about how to do this, then these steps may shed some light.

Now before one would even do any roadwork on these manholes, the very first thing that they must do must be to tell the public about the work being done. The best way to do this would be to get a number of traffic cones and place them all over the hole so that people can see. If people can see these cones, then they will avoid walking or driving by the area.

Do take note that there might be some dangerous gases that may be hidden underneath that big lid there. By virtue of being kept underground, there is a big possibility that when one would take out the lid, then the dangerous gases may cause the lid to explode upward. So it is always best to check for high gas or oxygen levels before even trying to take out the cover.

Now take note that there are two types of lids namely the ones with the holes and the ones without the holes. The ones with the holes will require a hook in order for it to be taken out. Basically, one just has to attach a hook to the holes and then just has to pull it out so that the manhole cover will be able to come out.

The second one is the one without the hole and would require a giant magnet for it to come out. Basically, the device that will be used would be a magnetic one wherein one will use a magnet to forcibly pull the metal lid up. From there, then one may actually open the hole and enter there.

Now before entering, there are two things that one would need to do in order to ensure safety. The first thing to do is to simply make a second gas detector check right after the lid was taken out because there still might be some dangerous gases that may actually spurt out. If there is, then one has to make sure the area in ventilated.

The second thing to do would be to make sure that there are barricades and warning signs all over the area. So that one will be aware that there is an open manhole, there has to be warning signs surrounding it. If there is none, then there is a big chance that a civilian or maybe even a worker may just fall into the open hole.

Roadwork is one of the most dangerous types of work out there. So whenever one would be doing a manhole cover lifting procedure, then he has to make sure to do it the safe way. In order to do it the safe way, he has to try to follow some of these steps given above.

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