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Information On Various Motorcycle Windshield Cleaner Products

By Marissa Velazquez

The common types of motorcycle windshields are made from polycarbonate plastic or Plexiglas also known as plastic. These materials are very popular because they are light, affordable and can resist breaking unlike the glass type which is easily broken. Though the polycarbonate is safe, it is not possible to clean it like glass. This is because it can get scratched or become dull. Plexiglas on the other hand requires proper care when cleaning to avoid scratching or premature clouding. To get good results after cleaning, the right method and material should be used as well as the right type of motorcycle windshield cleaner.

There are various types of cleaners in the market today and you have to consider the windscreen is made of before purchasing any of them. A material like polycarbonate should not be cleaned using alkaline cleaners. So you have to be very keen to ensure the type of product is right for the material. Mentioned below are some of the products used in cleaning. Some of them can be used for both cleaning and polishing.

Plexus cleaner and polish is suitable for cleaning bike shield made of plastic. It is a very effective cleaning product. The good thing with it is it is easy to use in that all you need to do is to spray this product on the surface, give it some times then wipe the windscreen with a clean microfiber cloth. Plexus is known for its ability to effectively protect plastic surfaces than ordinary cleaners. This cleaning product comes with an aerosol applicator that prevents leaking, dripping and coagulation of the cleaning product at the nozzle tip.

Navus 1 is suitable for plastic windshields since it does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives which can damage this type of surface. It leaves the surface smooth, clean and shiny. A shiny surface is able to block dust, resist fog and eliminates static.

Clean up Multi-purpose degreaser is designed to clean stains which are hard to remove. It is sprayed on the spot then left for some time. After the time has elapsed, the surface is rinsed thoroughly using lukewarm or cold water. This type of product is not for plastic windscreens because it is highly flammable and it is advisable to not use on painted surfaces due to the fact that it can discolor them.

The cleaning of a wind screen will require an effective cleaner like Memphis shades. This product can be used on both the screen and on other parts. It has a unique ability to remove insect residue and also dissolve grease. It is considered suitable for poly carbonate wind screen because it does not contain ammonia. One does not need water when using this product.

The special surfaces cleaner is used on plastic windscreens to remove dirt. It is spayed on the surface then wiped off with a safe material to not scratch the material. It is also used to remove bugs, water spots and road film.

Cycle care formula can be used on every surface to do a quick-fix cleaning. It helps to protect the surface from UV rays, acid rain and dirt accumulation. It also repels water, therefore gives the surface a good shine by shedding rainwater from the windscreen. It is an easy to use motorcycle windshield cleaner and it provides an effortless process of dust removal without fear of scratches.

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