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How To Make A Flower Bed With Tires

By George Dodson

Anyone who wants to save on fruit and vegetables should do like maybe their parents did and grow their own. An easy thing to do and not an expensive one either. You will thoroughly enjoy the freshness of a garden vegetable. Many people also have a herb garden. Store bought produce cannot be as good as that which you grow fresh from the garden. Growing your own produce is very satisfying. In addition it is you who is in charge of what is added. As the grower, you are sure there are no preservatives, all is natural and fresh.

Many people who would like to garden, just dont have the room for long rows of carrots or large spaces to grow squash or melons. Therefore people need to look at alternatives. One possible answer to this problem is to plant your garden in smaller spaces. Doing this allows you to harvest a crop and then plant more for later in the season. Try planting in old tires, it can really work.

You can find many places where you can get these for free. When getting new tires you might get old ones for only $5.00 You only need four or five, depending on the amount of planting you intend to do. If you are planning on a larger planting, maybe up to ten will be needed

The idea of old tires in the garden may not seem so good. Will the neighbors not like them? Of course you can always cover them in ways that will improve how they look. Setting the tires in some wooden boxes would make them look better. Try making them look better by cutting the tires to look like flowers and then paint them. You can even use the rim as a stand.

Dig down to a depth of 4inches to prepare the soil, once you have decided on a suitable spot. The roots of plants need to grow as deep as possible to be healthy. Always use good soil for planting. You can buy this at Home Depot, Lowes or your local hardware store. Planting your seeds in well fertilized soil is essential. Water effectively but dont over water. The little garden will keep you supplied with all you need. Growing your own produce instead of buying it will save you money.

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