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Lift Covers Safely Using A Manhole Cover Lifter

By Luisa Sharpe

Accessing manholes and inspection chambers can be a difficult task if you do not have the right equipments. When contractors or individuals want to access these channels, they expect that the task will be done pretty fast. But this may not be the case, especially when using the traditional ways of opening covers such as lifting them manually. This is why it is advisable that you seek for state-of-the-art tools such as a manhole cover lifter, which makes the work easier.

Covers for manholes remain undisturbed for extended periods, something that makes them difficult to open. The covers embed themselves to the seating frame. If you try opening them without using a mechanized tool, they probably cannot open. The heavy traffic passing over the covers puts pressure and makes them strongly embedded on the frame or seatings.

The dirty depositing on the space or gap between the covers and frames make it even difficult to open them. Through natural elements like moisture coupled with the debris in the gaps, corrosion starts occurring and it builds up residues that embed the frame and covers firmly together. If the manholes are not lifted for quite some time, they will embed together.

The moment you come to open them you will experience challenges. The traditional way of thumping the manholes covers using a sledge hammer can be disastrous and injurious. You may achieve the desired results of opening covers but then again, you will risk incurring costs in terms of damaged or broken covers.

When you thump such covers using those crowbars and sledge hammers, you will most probably put undesirable force on the covers. You can easily break them because if you miss and the hammer lands on the metallic cover, it can break it apart. This can lead to liabilities if you are working on a project in a household or commercial property.

Use of hammers not only increases the total costs of removal and replacement of those covers but also present potential risks. Using the heavy equipments like hammers can also damage the covers. In addition, if you are driving metal bars to reduce the grip between the cover and frame, the bar could trip when you are thumbing it using a hammer thus causing injuries.

Similarly, when you prying out those covers, you also need to lift them manually using you hands. This is another thing that can cause sprain on muscles or the manholes cover could slip and fall on your feet. Eye and flesh injuries may occur due to detached pieces of metals that fly when you release the hammer and it hits the pry bar. The flying pieces of metals detaching from manholes covers and bars can cause eye injuries.

Other people around the area can also suffer injuries if something wrong happens. Since the safety of people working on manholes needs to be emphasized, it is important you provide tools that make it easy to open those covers. This is where the manholes cover lifters come in handy. They are designed to allow easy opening of covers without using strenuous forces.

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