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Just Like 10 Years Ago, Alfa Romeo US Return Is Serious

By Cornelius Nunev

Alfa Romeo is very significant about returning to the United States sometime soon, with the beautiful 4C roadster leading the charge. Given, any mention of the return of Alfa Romeo United States, normally, has to be taken with a big old pile of salt.

Revisit the States

Fiat has been promising for some time that they will bring Alfa Romeo, Fiat's luxury brand that slots between the lower-end luxury brand Lancia and little more than rebadged Chryslers.

Fiat has promised the return of Alfa to the U.S. in spite of the belief that it has not been sold here in a really long time. It was at first supposed to start in 2013, then 2014, and then 2013 again.

The Star Phoenix reports that Fiat will start selling later this year. NBC News reports that Alfa Romeo United States sales will be started with the Alfa Romeo 4C, which is a sports vehicle.

Most do not care

Even though it may seem like the Alfa Romeo news is huge, people generally do not actually care over it. In fact, not a number of people will be getting the $75,000 to $100,000 automobile. It is a really costly cost that equates to payments people cannot afford, as shown in an auto loan rates calculator, according to NBC News.

The Star-Phoenix explained that the carbon fiber cabin means that only 2,500 will be produced annually.

Recently, Alfa's promises have not come through, so it may not even really occur. On top of that, the most units Alfa ever sold in a year were 8,201 units in 1986. The brand has not been here since 1995.

Since they pulled out, they sold a few 8C Competizione roadsters in 2008, but that is the only movement that has been seen in the country. In fact, Alfa has promised a return yearly since 2000, though they seem a bit more severe on this occasion.

Who cares

The Alfa Romeo brand is just another luxury brand that most people do not care about. Considering the automobiles were really unreliable in the past, it seems type of ridiculous to try and sell them now and get brand new supporters of the automobiles.

The people who do buy an Alfa will only be doing it because it is ridiculously beautiful. A concept car called the Gloria will be shown off at some auto shows later this year, according to Automobile Magazine, but it is anticipated to be really beautiful. If the 4C and 8C is any indicator, it will look really good.

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