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What Are The Features Of Hydrogen Fuel Cells?

By Reinald Tsomides

Hello again! You could be questioning what are the benefits of hydrogen fuel cells. Well, look no more, in this short article we will look at the benefits and drawbacks of fuel cells connected to our typical gasoline powered engines, and why you should think about utilizing fuel cells to supplement the power of your car. Keep reading to learn exactly what are the advantages of hydrogen fuel cells!

Fuel cells are not unsafe!

Contrary to some myths floating out on the web, hydrogen fuel cells are not dangerous to make use of or run . A lot of the unfavorable response towards making use of hydrogen power as a source of power for vehicles comes from the Hindenburg zeppelin mishap of 1937, which was well advertised and recorded thoroughly.

Rest assured, we've come a long means considering that 1937 in the use of hydrogen power. The advantages of fuel cells as power source are lots of, and none of the issues that plagued the Hindenburg accident are present in today's hydrogen fuel cells (your automobile isn't really a blimp after all, is it?).

Abundant energy here we come!

HHO gas, the fuel made use of to power these hydrogen fuel cells, is nothing more than water vapor. An HHO generator carries out an electrolytic process to separate the oxygen molecules from the hydrogen molecules so that hydrogen can be used to sustain your generator.

Low maintenance

Fuel cells are simple to maintain. You simply need to make certain that your quart-sized tank has the correct amount of fluid once in awhile and you're set!

Well, I hope in this article I answered a few of the questions you had on exactly what are the advantages of hydrogen fuel cells. Now that you have nothing to worry about, get out there and get your hydrogen powered cars running!

The most evident benefit to making use of hydrogen fuel is the boost in miles per gallon. It has actually been reported that you can get up to a 50 % to 100 % rise in mileage by utilizing this system. This implies that if you are running at 20 miles per gallon, you can get enhance your mileage in between 30-40 miles per gallon!

This contends directly with a hybrid car considering that hybrids do get astronomical mileage per gallon. Getting a hybrid car would cost you over $15,000 where if you buy hydrogen fuel cell, it will only cost you less than $200.

If you are looking to purchase hydrogen fuel cell, think about constructing one first long before going out and purchasing a total system. Nowadays, we have the technology to develop this system on our own garage by going to your local hardware shop and getting the parts.

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