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Should You Train Or Just Hire Experienced Car Sales Guys ?

By Marc-Amable Girard

When selling cars and automobiles, there are some valuable sale tactics and techniques that may apply for the whole process of dealerships as well as on the customer who want to "switch" his decision form buying brand new cars to used one. These tools when delivered professionally may influence the customer's decision and preferences that will be resulted to more benefits. According to recent research, almost 75% of the car buyers have tendencies of changing their minds when it comes to car types, models, colors, packages, features of the car and the methods of payments. In order to address this, the sales team should apply a 25% tactics and techniques to make a 100% total solution to customer's car switching thoughts.

When dealing with customers, you need to know them well. Knowing their personal backgrounds like name, address, and age just like signing up an autograph is not the main point here but asking his car preferences like model, brand, favorite color, type of payment methods and dealership should be your focus. When your client is a used buyer, take time to assess if he is still interested to purchase another one and apply some of your sales tactics but on the other hand, if your client is a solid buyer of new things, tactics may not be applicable. Good communication skills skills are needed and should be applied in this aspect.

If a credit problem arises, then the other alternatives should be introduced by the sales teams. This includes promoting a used car with a good ownership history and lesser prices compared to brand new one. Your client may consider this option when the features of his choice can be located in this used car. Aside from these things, the sales teams or the agents should know the dealership's inventory whenever department they belong. In this technique, any available agent could introduce the products and influence the client's decision of switching but one thing should be kept in mind-do not apologize for offering the used cars.

Sales managers are playing a vital role like their staffs and teams. Ion other auto shops, there are two managers who are leading their teams to promote and sell. They are located in the new and used department. In this case, conflicts between them are common but avoidable. Through good communication and proper recommendation, the sales would benefit the managers, customers, as well as the staffs of each department.

Apologizing is good but not necessary. When dealing to car switching, the sales managers and sales team should not apologize for offering the used cars but instead, thank the client for his time. Aside from this thing, the agent should not force the customer to buy and let him choose the type of car he desires. If there are any unclosed deals, you may ask the client's details and call him for any updates and recommendations. You need to give an ample time to your clients moist especially if they are not sure in switching.

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