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The Innovations Of Parking Garage Design

By Corinne Kelley

In a frame of thinking of an architect, parking garage design is a second thought or even third. Out of dire necessity, these spacious lots are made for function and service rather than a canvas to explore creativity. It is also a rather expensive part to develop especially in a commercialized building. Yet, these few years more a paying these particular area a lot of attention.

In these day and age where the number of automobiles increase every day, parking space is becoming an important part of a structure and of the community, particularly in highly urbanized cities. People today find it hard to find an auto space close to their residency. Car spaces are often fought over especially in a densely populated area where there are a lot of drivers competing for a conveniently located spots.

Although a car park facility could either be a stand alone building or a structure with different purposes, a self park or a valet, or even automated, they should be able to meet certain requirements. The functionality of the facility should be the foremost criteria among all. The difference in needs among drivers and the difference in types of vehicles should be considered by any developer. The ramp's arrangement and the traffic flow should be thought of.

Another issue is the ventilation in a few areas of parking garage design and in some types of car park. To improve the potency of the plan, developers have thought of new ways through new technologies. Although a more careful study is needed to make it more efficient, natural ventilation is always a good method.

The structural integrity of the architecture is very essential in any building being constructed. It must be able resist different climates and rough weather in the long run. To avoid maintenance problems from pooling of water, it is important to have drainage and floor slopes.

Safety and security of the structure is one thing the drivers always counts on when it comes car park facilities especially when the automobile is parked for quite some time. Security devices such as surveillance cameras are now becoming quite necessary in commercial buildings since there is an influx of different individuals. Lights are very crucial particularly during the night since crimes occur more in this time.

The appearance of these facilities are now becoming exceedingly fascinating. Redefining the roles and functions of these facilities, developers are now more creative when designing parking garages. Now these structures are not just for function but also fascinating to look at and innovative.

A fine example of an innovative automobile park is the Autostadt Car Silo in Wolfsburg, Germany. It's a gigantic glass tower with robotic ushers to store car in a true novelty fashion. Aside from a car tower, the place is an automotive amusement park with a driving courses, museum, and factory tours.

Automobile makes transportation from a place to another easier and accessible that is why many people buy it. This spikes a need for people to more spaces to conveniently park their cars especially in cities with growing numbers of population. Urban developers are noticing the demand for more space and is seeing this as an opportunity to grow more in terms of parking garage design.

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