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Use Of Manhole Cover Lifter Systems Enables You Unseat And Open Covers Safely

By Marla Mills

Manholes are designed to provide access point to sewer lines whether for routine inspection or carrying out repair and maintenance work. However, the holes are covered with heavy removable plates that form the lid. To access the sewer lines through these holes, you have to lift the manholes covers. However, to prevent injuries when handling the plates, you can use manhole cover lifter systems that are designed to make it easy for you to open the lids without using much force or risking your body from injuries.

Today, there are more innovative tools for opening these covers. Unseating the manhole or freeing the manholes covers from the frame may not be easy. The traditional way of opening manholes lid covers poses many risks to people. Although there are keylifters that need the use of your hand to lift the cover, these still pose a risk because the lids could be so heavy that you cannot support them even after freeing from the frame.

With the simple-to-use tools, you can easily and effortlessly lift the covers from their position and access the manholes. The manholes may be left unopened for quite some time. When this happens, the manholes covers and frames hold tight together making it difficult to pull them out. If the lid has embedded onto the frame, you need to use a lot of force to open the plate.

The person wielding the hammer could strain muscles and sustain injuries. Metal pieces could detach and cause eye injuries. Although there are new cover lifters that can be used to unseat the metal covers from the frame, people still use crude methods such as wedges, crowbars and pry bars, which often require hammering.

These crude methods are quite risky and could result to injuries and muscle strains. Thumbing the covers using sledgehammers could cause the plate to crack and release sharp particles, which may hit and injure your eyes. There are also other unsafe methods used by people to pull out the lids such as crowbars, wedges, and pry bars.

Other unsafe tools used to open covers are such as pry bars, crowbars, and wedges. All these methods require much force to be applied to loosen and unseat the covers. You may have to use hammers to force these bars to open the lids. Even with loose fitting covers, if you lift them manually with your hand, you could suffer hand, feet or back injuries.

The modern keylifters are designed to fit into cover slots and hold them firm while lifting up. You use less energy to do the work and it is safer than the traditional methods. Handling manholes covers improperly could cause injuries. The covers can slip and fall on your foot or hand leading to serious injuries.

The nature of the surrounding environment within the manholes also makes it unsafe to open them manually with your hands or hand-held keylifters. The ground may be slippery, broken, and unstable meaning you may slip when you are supporting the cover. This can be dangerous because the lid could hit your hands or feet. In essence, you can use the manhole cover lifter systems to prevent injuries when unseating the covers.

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