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ATV Lift Kits For Boosts

By Teri Farley

Escaping the stresses and doldrums of daily life can be achieved for a time when one has a hobby that excites them. It is not uncommon to customize the tools and equipment one uses for their much loved pastime to suit their particular preferences. Four wheel enthusiasts are no exception, adding accessories like roll bars, ATV lift kits, hitches, lights and carrying structures to their bikes.

The all-terrain vehicle is like a husky motorcycle resting on four large and sturdy tires, and built to handle trails and ground that other bikes find intimidating. They are uniquely suited for many uses including farm work, camping, hunting and rambunctious joy riding. How one chooses to utilize the ATV has a big impact on which types of alterations are usually made.

There are two alterations that the majority of ATV riders will opt to install on their bikes regardless of how they intend to ride it, simply because these changes make the vehicle more effective in many ways. Step one is usually switching out the standard issue tires for some that are about two inches bigger and have a thicker tread for better traction. It is only logical to follow that by adding a lift kit to the matrix.

This alteration provides a few benefits regardless of how the ATV is being utilized. The biggest advantage is providing two more inches of space between the tires and the fenders which greatly reduces the risk of scraping which could do costly damage to the wheels. It also grants higher ground clearance which is valuable when traveling uneven terrain or muddy land.

Those who ride for fun and sport find that the combination of lifts and bigger tires bring the excitement to an even higher level. It makes it easier to soar over bumpy obstacles and provides a more sure landing. The two accessories make speeding through mud or bogs an exhilarating experience and decrease the chances of becoming stuck.

There are some jobs to be done on a farm, or in a large yard, that are perfect for a vehicle like this. Fit the bike with a tiller or a plow and a the land will be prepped for planting or sowing in no time without a full sized tractor. Accessorizing with a trailer hitch provides the opportunity to tow small wagons or flatbeds which are great for moving things from one point to another.

Spending time in the woods camping or hunting becomes even better using a four wheeler to get from place to place. Adding one of the many types of cargo racks or carrier cases make it easier to transport firewood, gear or the spoils of the hunt. Spotting lamps are great for night rides or for locating prey.

For whatever purpose one chooses to utilize an all-terrain vehicle, there are modifications to be made and accessories to be added that can make the experience even better. ATV lift kits, spotting lamps, hitches, racks and big wheels are all enhancements that boost the bike's usefulness, playfulness and appearance. Individual preference and necessity are the main contributing factors when making decisions about how best to customize one's ride.

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