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Enhance Vehicle Performance Through Honda Lift Kits

By Lou Manning

Honda lift kits are the perfect solution if you have already purchased a vehicle and want to drive it in comfort and in assurance of protection. If you need increased ground clearance, safety, and smoothness, installing the proper lift kit will be of utmost importance. You will be exposed to a large amount of these kits but all of them are divided into two main different types, which are body lifts and suspension lifts.

It is possible to do so since the wheel wells become higher once the lift kit is installed. Today, you are able to find two different types of these kits in the market. The first is the body lift and the second is the suspension lift, both having their separate advantages and disadvantages.

You will find two types of lifting methods available in the market today. The first type, which is the suspension lift kit, uses springs in order to raise the frame, engine, power train, and body high above the wheels. The body lift kit uses washers or blocks to increase the distance between the body and chassis of the vehicle.

But the body lift kit does have its benefits too. The main benefit people look for in this type of kit is its cost efficiency. That is because it costs very much less when modifying a vehicle this way compared to the suspension type. It is recommended for people who are just looking to make their car look good and nothing else.

The suspension type is recommended for others who are mostly interested in performance, and are skilled in driving. Even though this type is a bit expensive compared to body lifts, it gives the vehicle the ability to run smoothly on rocky terrain, dirt roads, and other obstacles such as water and mud. Vehicles with this type of modification are able to go where most other vehicles cannot and reach destinations unreachable by normal vehicles.

The, main reason for such extreme lifts not being recommended for vehicles other than hobbyist cars is because they compromise safe handling most of the time. Re-gearing is another thing to consider when carrying out these modifications in Hondas. Usually, when you install such a kit and replace the tires of your car, its odometer as well as speedometer will not show proper readings.

The internet may probably be the best way to find a ratio chart that gives you an idea about the type of gearing that is suitable for your vehicle. The importance of Re-gearing is its ability to keep the mileage of a vehicle as normal as possible. Therefore, when looking to do such a modification, it is wise to look into all the other requirements as well and get an idea of the price you will be looking at.

It is further suitable to do so because the company backs up their products a 100 percent. Overall, looking for suitable Honda lift kits will be a great learning experience too. If you go according to the instructions of a qualified technician, you will surely be able to get the most out of the modification done to your vehicle.

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