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The Proper Way To Clean Hankook Tires

By Miles R. Rau

Hankook Tires is one of several common vehicle tire manufacturers that have a wide range of products to fit just about any vehicle. Certain tires are specifically crafted with thick, strong treads that can deal with snow or off-road driving; others are ideal for fast acceleration and handling curves at high speeds since they are made to grip the road effectively. No matter what vehicle you are driving, you certainly want the vehicle, the wheels, and the tires to all look their best. There are many ways you can handle the maintenance and cleaning of your tires and wheels, but you want to be sure that you are following the manufacturer's recommendations and that you do not accidentally harm the finish of your rims.

Hankook Tires have to be cleaned with a relatively soft brush that will not be able to accidentally puncture any points on the tire's sidewalls or tread. It is vital to be careful when going around the edges of your tire because these are the softest, thinnest, and therefore weakest parts. You can either use a special type of tire cleaning product or just liquid detergent and water to clean off your tires; either will do a fine job and will keep them clean of debris, dust, and dirt One good way to keep your tires in the best condition and looking great is to dry them off after cleaning and coat them with a tire dressing that strengthens the rubber.

Even though it is important to keep your Hankook Tires and rims clean you do not want to use strong chemical cleaning agents on rims with a painted finish. If you apply caustic chemicals to the rims you may wind up with a cloudy finish or you may take part of the finish right off the wheel. It is preferable to clean the wheels with the same soft rag or sponge that you would use on the rest of your vehicle since the finishes are rather similar.

Chrome plated wheels have to be cared for slightly differently because the finish is a bit more delicate. One smart method to keep your chrome rims from getting damaged is to wax them after each cleaning since this creates a protective coating.

With just a bit of occasional cleaning and attention to detail, you can keep your Hankook Tires and wheels looking great. Before you start using any new sponges, brushes, or cleaning products, make sure that they will not harm your tires or wheels.

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