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LED Emergency Light Bars Changed But Not The Car

By Lana Bray

Police and other municipal vehicles as well as other so-called "official" vehicles are very common around any city or town. Even the smaller towns have a variety of vehicles. Most all of them today have made the switch from the older style to the newer LED emergency light bars for the top of their cars and trucks.

Various municipal organizations made the switch to LED lights some time ago. The reason to do so was obvious considering the functionality of the LED versus the standard bulbs. They used less energy to work, they lasted in some cases 100 times longer, and they burned almost 1000 times brighter per wattage used. It was an easy choice.

Technology advancements come to various places at different times, sure. But for official city vehicles you would think that they would update their equipment a bit faster. However, some of them just do not have the funds or they cannot find the money in their budget to update certain things. This does include their cars and trucks.

Of course not everyone has evil intentions and that is the premise behind companies selling most of these items. There are still a great deal of certain items that are completely off limits without proper authorization. But aside from those specific items people should have the right to buy anything else. There are a lot of uses that are good.

These have since become a life saver because of the ability they have to warn pilots and drivers to danger long before a standard light would have. Placing them in long strips or bars and placing them on top of cars and trucks makes them the perfect siren lights. These can be seen for a very long distance, much longer than the typical lighting that used to be in its place.

While it is possible to keep a vehicle that long most cities just do not want to be in that position. Having a vehicle that is too old to possibly be upgraded or even of use when an emergency takes place. For this reason some municipalities have forced the change even if money did not exist in the budget for the upgrade.

The police staff never had a problem with the change. They welcomed the new vehicles in every case as they are the ones having to drive them. This would be especially embarrassing when attending a multiple city event or a cooperative effort with various other police officers. When showing up in a 10 year old car it makes for quite the conversation starter.

LED emergency light bars and other related light bars can come in handy for a variety of people. They are used for official organizations as well as non official or recreational groups and organizations. They have been selling very well since their manufacture and entry into the market. They sell in a variety of places and do equally well in physical retail locations as well as the online markets also and will for a while to come.

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