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Chrysler Car Company Origins

By Roy Gabrielle

Chrysler history all began way back in the year 1908 when Walter P. Chrysler began his business by taking part at a Chicago auto show. He was thirty three years old and was employed by the railways. But, automobiles was his true love and when he saw a white colored Locomobile he fell for it and went into debt just so that he could own it. Then followed many months of tinkering about this car and it was only later that he learned how to drive this car.

In the prevailing four years, Mr. Chrysler's fascination for automobiles became a career. As a production manager for Buick, he worked hard and became the president as well as the General Manager of a major marketing & production division of General Motors . This was his first engagement with the automobile industry. As leaving his employ at his previous auto industry employer, in 1920, he revived the unsuccessful Willys Overland Company and then went on to repeat his successful triumph with yet another job with a somewhat known firm called Maxwell Chalmers. During 1924, he was acknowledged in launching his first car to the public that have had his name.

It only took three more years for Chrysler to achieve success during which time he had bought out Maxwell which was to be the stepping stone to creating the successful car manufacturing company called Chrysler. He created the Desoto and Plymouth as well as Dodge and of course Chrysler. It required just five more years before Chrysler became a complete auto manufacturer and this in fact was a major milestone in the Chrysler history timeline. He was now big enough and confident enough to take on the big two auto giants: GM and Ford.

In his futuristic design, the 1934 Airflow, it did not sell as much profit as the others did, but the company persevered throughout the Great Depression of the 1930's - The "Dirty Thirties". In World War II, the company was tasked in manufacturing military vehicles. The next landmark in the Chrysler history was Hemi V8 engine which was launched in 1951. Since then, Chrysler has led the way in developing new technologies from scratch and has always helped the company in being able to create high quality cars.

The next major landmark in Chrysler history was the introduction of Hemi V8 engine which took place in 1951. Since then, Chrysler has led the way in developing new technologies from scratch and this has always helped the company in being able to mass produce high quality cars. Since then the company has seen its fair share of ups and downs; there is however no denying that whatever vicissitudes the company has faced, it has always managed to produce right cars and at the right times.

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