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How Florida Junk Cars Can Save You Money

By Celina Heath

In these economic hard times recycling Florida junk cars makes it easier for car owners to save on repairs. When money is tight it is important to find ways to hold on to your money. With the high cost of new car parts it makes a lot of sense to use quality second hand parts to keep your automobile running and in good condition.

Many folks choose to make repairs to their cars with used parts that are in good condition. In the past people were more likely to use new parts. With the number of people who have lost their jobs, recycling parts is often the first choice. Using second hand parts makes sense since folks can purchase most parts for about a fourth of what they cost new.

Saving more than half of what a dealership would charge for parts is impressive and should be taken advantage of. Many of the parts that are purchased from junk yards are in perfect operating condition and will work as well as if they were new. As long as the part you need was not damaged in an accident there should be no reason not to use it in your vehicle.

When considering the cost for a repair there is typically a charge for parts and a charge for labor. There is not much you can do to lower the cost of labor. However, you can choose to have used parts installed and lower the total bill considerably. Labor will typically include removing the nonworking part, prep work, and installation of the replacement part.

Folks that know how to work on their own cars often find replacement parts at one of the pull it yourself junk car yards. These people will already know which yards are best for saving on replacement parts. This type of recycle yard has been in existence for many years and have been getting more and more business recently because of the down turn in the economy.

Some junk yards have parts like engines and transmissions that are already removed from cars. In addition, you can also find fenders, doors, and bumpers that have been taken off the cars. These parts will typically be priced higher than those you dismantle yourself but there is still a big savings over the cost of new parts.

Most junk car yards provide wheelbarrows and engine hoists at no extra charge. The only things you will need to bring are your tools since none are supplied. Typically the yards are pretty organized so there is not a lot of clutter in the areas you will be working. Some of the yards also give a guarantee of thirty days on a number of the parts.

So if saving money on car repairs is your goal search for parts in one of the many yards that recycle Florida junk cars. You will definitely lower the cost of replacement parts even if you cannot do anything about the labor charges to have the parts installed. If you know how to do the work yourself, you can save even more money by only paying for used parts.

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