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Finding Car Reviews For Women Appealing

By Gloria Mason

Some people might think that the big car magazines are nothing more than a way for automobile manufacturers to advertise their aftermarket parts and their brand new cars. While this might be true to an extent, they are also to give the public an idea of what the cars are about. Car reviews for women and for men appear not only to appease the manufacturer but to tell people what is worth their hard earned cash.

This is especially daunting for magazines and reviewers who write for car magazines. Advertising and marketing teams focused on automobiles have it especially hard when selling something to women. This is because the entire market is geared towards men. Even the design of the car is geared towards the male sex and there is no denying it.

And of course it would, the differences are stark enough to make a difference yet subtle enough to go both ways. Women are typically shorter so the steering wheel and seat and peddles might need a different design or height allowances. The attention to detail is considered to be a bit stronger so they might put a bit more effort into the interior design aspects.

To change the entire market is impossible and there is no need to do such a thing either. All that is needed is to write reviews with a slightly different tone and add some things that women can relate to. For example, you cannot write about driving the vehicle to the bar to hang out with the boys, that is an obvious one. But rather driving to the mall and going shopping.

But that is not all. Many times the authors will appeal to a wider audience and also start to discuss how the car might feel for a woman driver. People need to remember that guys are not the only ones to drive fast or fancy cars these days. Today there are more women buying the expensive cars than ever before. It is not uncommon to see a woman driving a Corvette or BMW.

Nobody wants that to happen, especially after spending possibly millions on research and development and manufacturing and testing. Focus groups and test trials and a variety of other things that they do to try and figure out whether or not their multi-million dollar project will be a hit or a bust. Remember, there are millions at stake.

When the cars enter their final phases of testing and the reviews come out, the manufacturers pay very close attention to what the critics say. They do this not only because of the money they spent and the time and energy that went into various changes and alterations, but because the public will also listen to them.

Car reviews for women are out there, just not in enough numbers to be noticed. They do not appear in the main magazines nearly enough and when they do appear they are somewhat hidden behind the bigger and louder male focused articles and reviews. The money is out there and if they do not start seeing it yet, then the women will start to spend it elsewhere.

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