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Wearing A Helmet Can Boost Your Chance Of Survival

By Holly Cordlighter

Wearing a helmet can increase your chance of survival when you are involve in an accident. But despite of this there are a bunch of people who ignore and disregard the idea of wearing a helmet. Since the head is such a crucial part of anyone's body, it deserves special attention when it comes to protection.

During the 1950's the first helmet was introduced. This is because in this era, fatalities for motorcycle riding were getting higher due to speeding or faster driving by motorcycle riders. Also, motorcycles are often in a automobiles blind spot and not visible when the motorist decides on changing lanes. Often the image of a motorcycle does not even register on a motorist's brain since they only have eyes out for other automobiles.

Laws mandating the wearing of head protection weren't introduced until 1966, and because of the 1970's, most states had some type of legislation for mandatory wearing of helmet. The first to embrace the wearing of motorcycle helmets were the California police.

Many states changed their laws intermittently over the years since its a state by state basis. And because of the state laws this was rarely enforced during that time.

Studies shows how important the motorcycle helmets are in protecting the head from injuries. If you ride a motorcycle you're going find out that head injuries would be the main cause of fatality in accidents involving bike riders and motorcycle riding individuals. Brain protection is vital.

Statistics shows motorcycle riders who does not wear head protection has a forty percent more chance of dying in an accident. While those riders who wore their helmet has seventy percent chance of surviving the accident because the helmet can help protect the head from serious injury.

Almost any responsible motorcyclist knows that speeding or driving fast on an open road should consider his safety by wearing quality head protection. Making sure that you will invest in head protection that is made with quality materials. Also make sure that the gear you wear fits you.

Fortunately, today many kinds of discount motorcycle helmets you can choose from when you are a motorcycle rider. With all this variation in styles, it is likely that anyone can find a helmet that will suits your personality while safeguarding yourself even saving your life in case there is an accident.

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