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Personal driver jobs in nyc welcome to The New Driver Car Control Clinic Web site. We’re helping to reduce the number of new driver accidents in America. You can too by enrolling your new driver in a clinic today!

“Learning how to make a split second decision in a life and death situation...nothing could better prepare your teen for this than the Car Control Clinic.” — Karen B., Cleveland, Ohio Personal driver jobs in nyc

Personal driver jobs in nyc the New Driver Car Control Clinic®, Advanced Car Control Technique’s program for parents and young drivers, is the next and perhaps the most critical step beyond traditional driver’s education. Driver’s Ed has failed to demonstrate sufficient crash rate reductions to convince most observers that these curricula include sufficient training to produce a “safe” driver. The New Driver Car Control Clinic introduces young drivers to behind the wheel circumstances that replicate those they will experience in the 3 seconds immediately preceding their first crash.

Personal driver jobs in nyc learning how to drive safe can help you avoid accidents in the future, and possibly keep your insurance rates down. With the benefits of this program, when you buy car insurance online, you can possibly get a discount on your premiums.Personal driver jobs in nyc

Personal driver jobs in nyc the New Driver Car Control Clinic is hands-on,Personal driver jobs in nyc in-car training that consists of a 120-minute discussion of vehicle dynamics and human dynamics followed by four hours of in-car instruction in accident avoidance and defensive driving maneuvers. A major, distinguishing difference is that we do not accept a young driver without a parent. Parents may not just ship us their kids and expect a finished product in return. We believe that to be successful, the driver must share information and experience with an adult guide to the future during and after the Clinic experience. We call them coaches. With the coaching and education that we can give your student you'll feel more confident about heading to a dealership, such as Toyota Plano Texas, and buying a car for your new driver.

Personal driver jobs in nyc if you are a school superintendent, a principal, a PTO officer or member, a concerned parent, a local health services or hospital organization, a business with community concerns, a church, a national advertiser, an insurance company--anyone who believes that teens are not getting enough effective crash avoidance training, you can make a difference with The New Driver Car Control Clinics in your town.Personal driver jobs in nyc

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