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Does Your Truck Need A Transmission Cooler As Well As Radiator ?

By Nicholas Parkside

When most drivers think of their autos cooling system all that comes to mind is their radiator " the humble rad. The cooling system of your car keeps your autos engine within normal ranges and provides you both comfortable maintenance free driving and heat from their interior car heater during the cold winter time or to defrost their windshield. Yet its summer driving and boil-overs from either slow crawling driving in rush hour traffic or alternatively towing heavy even oversize vacation trailers.

Yet your pickup truck or Crossover S.U.V.s' radiator & complete cooling system are not 100 % maintenance free. Forget about it and you may well have engine overheating damage, substantial auto engine repairs or worse, and no heat from your vehicle's heater come a cold Canadian winter driving season. Hence a moment's maintenance of your car or truck's cooling system can yield great benefits. Yet its not only that long drive up a long & desolate Manitoba prairie highway road, slowly hauling a trailer. Its the fact that a boiled rad may strike you in an uncomfortable stalled situation roadside with no cell phone emergency coverage yet hordes of angry and mean mosquitoes.

When it comes to checking fluid levels of the radiator cooling levels many motorists are downright mystified and intimidated they need not be. If they are simply consult your local mechanical genius or at the worst your local competent garage or automotive dealership.

Maintenance of proper fluid levels and an adequate amount of antifreeze is everything. You will maintain your engine and transmission within proper temperature ranges. The benefits - less wear and tear on your engine itself , no heat damage or buckling from excessive heat of engines running "hot" as well as the convenience of sufficient heat from your interior heater of your passenger compartment.

Its not only a matter of long term truck or car car and long life. Its not only about keeping your vehicle in good running order and a proper ongoing maintenance schedule. it is also about safety. If your vehicle breaks down prematurely or your rad overheats due to low coolant levels you may be stranded in less than desirable circumstances. Its often just the case of a regular regimen of attention to your Ford trucks' cooling system that will prevent a road side episode on either a winter cold Manitoba highway or hot sunny season. Just have your rad and glycol anti=freeze checked occasionally from time to time.

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