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Factors Governing The Choice Of Parking Garage Design

By Rachael Gutierrez

The increased demand for construction space that is being witnessed in many places all over the world has resulted in a major paradigm shift in the manner in which a parking garage design is created. Most of these changes have taken place within the last couple of decades as both government agencies and private developers scramble for space to put up their structures.

It has become increasingly necessary to create designs that utilize small space but are still fully functional. The result of this is an increased rate of innovation in this industry as each designer tries to outdo the other in creating the most appealing piece of work for their client. The clients on their part are looking for products that will take the least amount of cost on maintenance but result in the highest possible profits.

The other driving factor that has led to the development of new designs is the change in the choice of materials used. The cost of construction materials for the garages has continued to rise by the day. This has been a major challenge for most designers with a good number of them opting for cheaper ones. Striking a balance between cost and functionality has not been an easy task.

The increased intensity in the lobbying for environmental conservation has no doubt had its fair contribution in the shaping of this industry. Designers are now required to ensure that the materials they use in their construction are not harmful to the environment whether in the short term or in the long term. The main undoing of these measures is that they limit the available options.

Asphalt and concrete have remained popular building materials over the years. The reason as to why they are used to date is because they are not only effective but environmental friendly as well. Concrete is said to be much better for drainage as compared to asphalt and is for this reason preferred in poorly-drained areas.It is also important to ensure that the material chosen blends well with the rest of the building in terms of color apart from being environmental friendly.

Due to the foregoing challenges a number of trends are emerging in the design of the garages. For instance, the manner in which vehicles are parked has changed. The most popularly used styles where vehicles are parked at 90 degrees to each other. Not only does this increase space utilization, but also makes movement quite easy. This is mainly because the aisle is a two-way driveway that allows drivers to use either the left or the right side.

The number of cyclists is increasing by the day. This is mainly due to the fact that many road users wish to avoid heavy traffic. It is also a result of sustained environmental campaigns that discourage the use of motor vehicles. When creating a garage design, therefore, one needs to accommodate the cyclists, the pedestrians and the motorists.

Robotic parking systems have been a great addition to the modern parking garage design. These systems are especially useful where large numbers of clients are handled in a small space. They have made it very easy to park and retrieve vehicles. Additionally, they have helped lower the operational costs greatly.

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