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Used Car Selling Tricks

By Michael Trusthold

Whatever your reason for selling your used car, you are sure to be able to sell it faster and more easily by following these simple steps.

People are not averse to buying a used car, but they are averse to spending money only to find out later that they bought more than what they bargained for. Before selling your car make sure that you have everything in working order. You can also include the amount you spent on any major repairs in the final selling price.

There are car magazines and online auction stores that allow members and non-members to advertise for free. It is highly advisable for you to provide a photograph of your vehicle to let the potential buyer see its current state. Also include the make and model, insightful descriptions, selling price, and your contact number.

Let's say you are in a bit of a hurry to be rid of the car. That does not mean that you need to sell it far below your desired price. The best thing for you to do is have a final price in mind. This way even if the buyer asks for a price reduction, you can make the person think that he was able to get a good bargain when in fact you both win in the end.

Be honest with your potential buyer. Don't be afraid to inform the buyer of your real reason for selling the car, for example you wish to buy a bigger car or you cannot afford the monthly expenses associated with the car. When asked whether major repairs have been done, you'd better tell the truth because they will show up in the end.

Include any accessories that do not originally come with the car. If you have owned the car for several months or even years, you are sure to have bought several add-ons to "personalize" your car. See if you can give some of these as a "bonus" to the buyer, especially if the deal has been finalized and that particular accessory only works with this particular model.

Car registration, deed of sale, and transfer of ownership should be in order. A potential buyer may back out if they find out that the necessary documents are not ready, and that it may take a while to arrange everything.

Inform the buyer that your acceptable modes of payment are cash or a certified check. This assures you that you won't be cheated out of the deal. Remember that personal checks are a big no-no.

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