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Honeywell Avionics Are A Professional Solution

By Elena McDowell

Plenty of well known companies are involved with modern aviation. Some are instantly linked with such things as aero-engines, whereas others prefer not to limit themselves. Some of these companies have developed systems which have since been integrated into several of the more familiar civilian aircraft. One such company and product is Honeywell avionics.

As is often the case when something goes slightly wrong the best people to sort it out are those who either designed or developed the system. It just so happens that this company operates various centers of excellence around the world. Which means that for anyone experiencing a problem, help is not too far away.

The various aviation authorities have issued licenses to the company's numerous test and repair facilities, as they all operate within strict guidelines. Their workforce are some of the most professional people within this field, and they're all highly skilled. All too often they do push themselves that little bit harder, just to ensure each customer is totally satisfied with the service.

As a lot of these systems are based on electronics the test facilities have to adhere to certain guidelines. The actual test areas are only accessed by authorized people. With limited disturbances the environment within the test cell stays as stable as possible.

Both the temperature and humidity readings are closely controlled. Ideally the complete testing should be conducted at the same environmental conditions throughout the course of the day. If there were constant traffic, along with the associated opening and closing of doors, the temperature would have peaks and troughs. Such things can have an adverse effect on system calibration.

The technicians within these test cells are all highly trained, and they take their jobs very seriously. They each have to undergo various performance checks annually, as well as keeping abreast of any modifications which need to be implemented. The environments are dust free, and any possible contaminants are strictly controlled.

The main problem electronic units face is static discharge. The technicians will utilize various means to eliminate any possibility of it happening. While at their work stations they will wear wrist straps, some will also wear something called a heel grounder. These are designed to ensure that the equipment and the technician are both at the same earth reading.

Testing is conducted in accordance with laid down procedures. As the company designed this equipment they are fully aware of how it should perform at any given time throughout the test. They have very tight tolerance levels, the good news is that this often means that an item of equipment will remain serviceable for longer.

As a company the most important thing is the customer's satisfaction. A customer's concerns are always listened to, the company will always try to ensure that any piece of equipment is back with the customer as soon as possible. Possibly due to such good customer relations many airlines choose to renew their contracts every year. It seems to be a sound business concept to have your Honeywell avionics looked after by the experts when things just happen to go slightly wrong.

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