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Laws About Blades In Public

By George Dodson

Having activities outdoors like camping as well as hiking usually requires you to carry a knife for emergencies. As a camper or hiker, bringing a knife along is the most important thing. They have many uses from cutting rope or insert after protection making kindling to start a fire. For this reason, you can find just about any kind of knife design. Some are bigger and heavier for large tasks. Other knives are specifically designed to produce a thin to thick cuts just like the fillet knife and the butcher knife.

Some larger knives are designed for protection, or doing chores around the camp that involve heavy cutting. Some so-called survival knives have multiple uses and are handy to keep around when you think you might need them.

There are laws concerning carrying large knives. That's going to depend on what state you're from and even what country you're from if it's not the United States. Laws concerning carrying of large knives are focused mainly on the reason why you are carrying the knife around and ignores the reason that the knife will be used for camping as well as hiking. The concern is you could use one of these large knives as a weapon.

As mentioned before, these laws differ from one state to another. One example is for the state of Arizona which allows its citizens to carry knives. Amazingly, the specific states' judicial system permits this law.

Whilst in Colorado, citizens are allowed to carry anything they want. Of course having to carry knives for the sole purpose of inflicting damages or injuries to someone is very much prohibited specially for knives that have lengths of as much as 3.5 inches.

The state of Georgia however doesn't allow its citizens to carry any concealed weapon and can put a bearer to jail if proven guilty. In addition, you cannot carry any of those types of knives to a public gathering. Obviously, this law is just a bit complicated that is why you will need to take extra precaution when carrying knives. This is for the fact that knives can pretty much be used in anything specially as a weapon.

Likewise, carrying at least 3 inches of knives in the state of Kentucky is prohibited by their government. These types of knives are specially beneficial for any outdoor activities provided that it can be folded for portability. It unfolds and locks in place so that you do not hurt yourself when you're using it.

Moreover, knives can also be totally banned in one state like the state of New Jersey. The statutes are not crystal clear and authorities seem to really determine whether the knife you're carrying was legal or not.

As you can see, you need to know what your area statutes are concerning the carrying of knives. Of course, those obvious knives designed for camping are allowed in public.

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