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Cost To Build A Parking Garage

By Angel Dudley

The cost to build a parking garage depends on a number of factors. The expenditure will vary from one person to the other. The determining factors include the materials used and the size after construction. Different structures require expertise and varying number of workers while additional funds are required if excavations and ground leveling will be required.

Each garage is constructed with a number of vehicles in mind. They will determine the spaces to be provided. Their size and type must be factored to guide the designs and construction. Different vehicles demand specific floor quality because of their weight. An example is the difference in hosting a saloon car and a heavy truck. This information should be given to the designer and contractor as a guide to the length, width and height of your structure.

Depending on the taste and preference of the owner, different materials are used and this will affect the budget. Their quality and prices differ significantly. Other accessories like metal fitting and specialized roofing material affect the budget. The material used on the walls, either bricks, blocks or synthetic, affects the cost. The finishing on walls and the floor as well has a bearing on your expenditure. The options include ceramic, metallic and synthetic finishes.

Garages are located in different places around the compound and this affects the budget. Those within the house require a different construction approach since they form part of the general plan and expenditure. There are no special walls since the house forms part of the garage. Some are in basements while others are on the side. Other home owners opt to have a temporary shed at a corner in the house. The prices will vary on such choices.

Different features are incorporated in plans for garages depending on individual taste and preferences. They include elevators for easy access to top floors, specialized doors, security cameras and fire extinguishers. Some have lighting while others have special exhaust systems. Considerations have also been made for trash collection facilities and cleaning among other amenities. Ramps for disabled persons or loading goods affect the budget.

Automated parking garages are the trend. Initial bill is equivalent to what you would spend when constructing an ordinary lot. However, long term costs of managing the facility leads to huge savings that are good for your business. Such garages provide more space for vehicles yet use the same area that would have been used by traditional garages. They are safer and prevent vehicles from being damaged by knocking on walls or on other vehicles.

The location of the parking lot determines how much will be spent. Ground preparation required to complete construction including leveling with new soil or excavation lead to increased expenditure. Swampy areas require complete drainage and a long lasting water evacuation system. This calls for acquisition of different machines which adds to the bill.

The cost to build a parking garage depends on a multiplicity of issues. An accurate quotation can only be obtained from a seasoned contractor. The map of the area, special features to be included and the design should be availed. This will guide the process of drawing a comprehensive quotation.

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