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Helpful Tips For Powder Coating Wheels

By Cornelia Reyes

Powder coating Hickory NC is important for those people who have a car since this will make their wheels look great. The wheels will mostly dictate whether the car will be looked on favorably or not. To those who want to make their wheels look coated, then here are some of the important tips that they should be able to take advantage of.

First of all, the person will have to consider preparing the materials necessary for the said project. This is the key step for those who want to improve their wheels. There are some materials and tools that will have to be gathered. The surface that will be coated will have to be cleaned and prepared as well so that the adhesion will be as expected.

The next thing that the person will have to do is to pre-bake the tires. It is actually important to pre-bake the said tires so that it can have enough heat to complement the substance's nature. With the pre-baking of the tires, it will surely have a durable attribute against harsh conditions like extreme temps, grease, grime, salt, and brake dust.

Another thing that the person will have to do is to assure that the car has a good ground connection. This means that the wheels will have to be grounded, ensuring some tight corners and even crevices. A good ground connection should help to get the tires properly coated. The static caused by the grounding help the powder cling to the crevices.

Hot-Flocking is an important procedure for this kind of task. This is the procedure where one will preheat the wheels and immediately coat them. With the hot wheels, the substance will easily stick to the surface. It might be a difficult procedure to carry. However, the person should practice more in order to perfect this kind of technique.

There are also high temperature masking tapes. It will be for the best if the person can take advantage of this masking tape. By using this masking tape, it should help mask off the lug holes, hub bores, and many other similar areas which usually have high tolerance. This prevents issues to occur especially when refitting the wheels.

It is also necessary to protect the inside of the wheel. It is actually proven that protecting the inside of the wheel makes it more durable after it has been coated. This is a good practice that people should follow nowadays. If the person can properly protect the inside barrel with the right substance, the wheels will look even better.

There are various parts in the wheels that does not need to be coated. Aside from this, there are also those which cannot handle the heat. In such cases, one should remove those parts. It is necessary to remove them before the start of the said process. These parts will include sealing rings, valve stems, trim pieces, hubcaps, lug covers, and such.

Another thing that one will have to bear in mind is the quality of the powder coating Hickory NC. The person should make sure that the quality of this substance is high, to achieve high results. Using low-quality substances will just lower the quality of the final output.

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