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A Covered Bridge Tour Ohio Can Be A Great Way To Explore A Local Area

By Krystal Branch

When traveling to a new area many people like to explore the area and see some of the things, which make it a unique spot. One way this can be done is by spending time on a covered bridge tour Ohio. In spending time during a vacation or weekend to visit these historic structures a person can get a glimpse of the countryside and the people who have lived there.

Since Ohio has over 2,000 covered bridges, visiting them can be an excellent way to not only see the area, but also get a feel for the history of the people who lived there. Covered bridges played an important role in the 19th century, as they helped to keep the bridges in the area stable so travelers could make their way over a variety of ravines, streams and other types of waterways. Without them travel would have been much more difficult.

Most covered bridges were designed to help keep horses or other animals moving across the structure. This was needed as many times if an animal could see the ravine or water beneath them they might shy away and avoid moving across the bridge. Bridges with a covering could also provide shelter to the bridge's platform. This could help in keeping the bridge from being destroyed by the affects of the sun, rain or other weather conditions.

Many bridges in the area are no longer around due to a variety of circumstances. Weather conditions such as storms or floods destroyed many. While fires and arson burned some to the ground, many were neglected and torn down as a result. Today, the bridges with covering that remain are viewed as historic symbols, which attract locals and tourists alike.

There are several festivals and other types of gatherings to celebrate the covered bridges in a city, county or area. These events provide tours of the nearby bridges and historic facts about the individual bridges on the tour. In addition, there are generally food, parades and live entertainment for those who attend the festival.

Visitors to the area who are looking for tours of the local bridges will often find a variety of resources to help them in their quest. The local chamber of commerce or visitor center in an area will often have brochures or maps of the different bridges in the nearby vicinity. There are also online resources, which can provide maps and driving instructions to these areas as well.

Before starting on this type of journey, it may be beneficial to find out if the route will allow a car or other vehicle to go over the bridge. While this is not important on all tours, sometimes if the bridges are closer together, it may be more beneficial to walk or ride a bike along the tour instead. People who would prefer a guided tour will want to check with the visitor center to see if one is available in their area or close by.

Choosing to spend time on a covered bridge tour Ohio can be an excellent way to relive times past where life was much simpler and not so high-paced. These structures created by hand by men and women who lived during these times are great examples of the ingenuity and skill many people possessed then and have today.

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