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What Do You Know About Bridgestone Tires

By George Dodson

"People usually say folks of New York can't stay together. Not true. I saw two New Yorkers sharing a cab who never meet before that. One guy was carrying the radio and the tires and the Engine was carried by the other guy." said David Letterman

It is know to all that cab can go anywhere by itself alone. We can't move the car without having tires. We have to have quality tires to ensure safety and long wear.

When the auto introduced it became the main transport media.Bridgestone tires was one of them.

The company began in 1931 as a dream to furnish cars with tires. Shojiro Ishibashi. The name Bridgestone comes from the English translation for his surname.

Japan has a rapidly growing auto industry and Bridgestone became the largest tire manufacture company in Japan. The company focused on producing tires with Japanese technology only. After many challenges, it began to produce a quality product. It began selling radial tires in 1967. In other areas of the world they also started openings markets. They chose United States as their headquarters.

The company added Firestone Tire and Rubber Company by took over these companies. They was able to produce top quality tires after this buying and considered as a recognized worldwide company. A large number of industrial company was introduced in North America as well as in South America by this. It also returned the Bridgestone/Firestone brand to racing. Since 1971 it has been providing tires for racing.

The company started their operation in Europe After establishing their head office in Brussels, Belgium in 1972. In its relevant area it has 7 production plants. UK has no production plants but the has a bay by which they tested the rejected tires by the customers. They often provide Bridgestone rebates for tires that do not pass inspection.

The company has diversified into other product lines because of its inception. Polyurethane foam, construction materials and parts of electronic equipment, bicycles and sporting goods can be produced by Bridgestone. These products generate about one-fourth of the total sales of the group.

Bridgestone combined with a leading tire re-treader company Bandag. Inc in 2006. As the president explained,

'Higher fuel prices are prompting customers to cut costs. Time and cost both needs to develop this size of business. We were able to get that all at once.'

The company changed its name and Bridgestone Bandag, LLC is the new name of the company. It later became the Bridgestone Commercial Services Group.

Aircraft tires is produced by Bridgestone as well. Bridgestone Aircraft is able to bring change in aircraft tire market with a product mix that can makes high quality tires for the new Boeing 787 and the Airbus A380.

Now the company own manufacturing plants in all the most important countries all around the world. This includes the United States, Mexico, Belgium, China, Hungry, and Spain. Now it is one of the premier tire manufacturing company worldwide.

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