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If You Want To Go On Wine Tours Ohio Is The Place To Go

By Jerri Perry

If you want to go on wine tours Ohio has many companies offering their services. The state is home to many wineries that have flourished since the 1830s. Winemakers, appreciating the quality of the grapes produced by favorable soil and climatic conditions, are now making some of the best wines in the world.

Sixty five percent of wines produced in Ohio come from grapes grown in the north east. The Grand River Valley with its rich, fertile soil, is home to about twenty wineries. Tasting rooms at these wineries are packed with visitors over weekends, all wanting to experience their excellent wines and other offerings.

More than 60 percent of all the grapes grown in Ohio come from vineyards in the north east. The Grand River Valley growing region has rich and fertile soil, producing delicious wines. Vineyards in the area also feature restaurants, gift shops, and activities in idyllic settings. Many a tour is available and tasting rooms are full over weekends and holidays.

A tour of a winery usually offers one the opportunity to taste different wines, go on a tour of the cellar and purchase wines too. One can also eat at a restaurant and visit a gift shop. Wine tastings are held on a daily basis and a small fee is usually charged.

There are so many different tour options available that it is important to consider what suits your particular interests and budget. You may decide to go on an organized bus tour. Tourists are picked up from particular locations, saving them from having to drive. They usually stop at a couple of locations, each one including a tasting of local wines. This is often a suitable choice for the budget conscious.

A more customized option for those who are not on such a tight budget, is to have a chauffeured tour. The driver is usually experienced and knowledgeable about the different wineries. A customized itinerary can be developed if necessary. It can be planned for just one couple or for a small group. The vehicles used are usually luxurious and comfortable.

Some people prefer to drive themselves but there are many benefits to not having to do so. You can just relax, enjoy the scenery and not worry about having to find your way. A tour company often develops special relationships with the wineries they take customers too and this has a number of benefits, enabling you to get the most out of the experience.

If you are wanting to go on wine tours Ohio has the perfect options available. Go on a tour offered by a reputable company and you will have a chance to socialize in a relaxed environment, enjoy excellent wines and learn something as well. This experience can be enjoyed in the company of family or friends and remembered as a special occasion for many years.

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