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Benefits Of Rally Mud Flaps

By Marcie Goodman

When it comes to automotive accessories, they can be found in an incredible array of styles, shapes and forms. Some are intended to simply serve ascetic purposes, others to perform a useful function, and a chosen few will actually deliver the best of both worlds. An attractive appearance and protection from road debris can be gained by the installation of Rally mud flaps.

Sometimes called splash guards, these items are rubber mats that are attached to the wheel wells, directly behind the tires. Their primary purpose is to protect a vehicle, and those traveling directly behind it, from flying debris. They also help deflect sprays of water, snow and mud left on the road during rains, as well as other substances that may be in the line of travel.

Guards are constructed from extremely durable materials such as a strong, flexible plastic. This is because the product will need to pliable yet capable of withstanding incredibly rough contact with abrasive substances like a rotating tire, asphalt and debris. One of their main functions is to prevent such items from being shot at a following vehicle with force and speed.

When loose objects on the road are sent flying at high speeds, they have the likelihood of doing damage to the vehicle that shot them as well as those to its rear and sides. Things like chunks of asphalt, strips of busted tires, sticks, glass, rocks and pebbles can seriously dent, ding or scratch the enamel paint and harm the undercarriage. Flung at just the right angle, these items have the ability to demolish a windshield.

Objects of solid construction are not the only threats against which the mats deliver protection. Liquid based substances like wet road paint, tar, grease, snow, mud and water are also not good for the machines. It is quite possible for a liquid culprit to cause damage that may be more expensive to repair than their harder counterparts.

Practically all commercial trucks, especially those used to haul loose materials like stone, rock and gravel, are required to have these guards installed because their tires are usually thicker and capable of sending more debris flying towards a following vehicle. Most automobiles are neither obligated to have them, nor do they usually come as part of the standard package. The mandates and regulations may differ from one state or region, and another.

While they are quite useful, wheel guards are also among the more popular accessories used for self-expression and personalization. They can be found in a wide range of solid colors or sporting patterns, logos, personal and company names and well known characters and figures. Websites specializing in customization may offer customers the chance to use the mats as advertisement or to showcase their own work.

Choosing to install certain accessories such as Rally mud flaps is an effective way to both express oneself and protect one's vehicle. They can guard against the damage that can be inflicted by loose road debris often flung at high speed by quickly spinning tires. With so many colors and design options available, a customized look is easily obtained.

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