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A Look Into Techniques Applied In Dent Removal

By Krystal Branch

A well known fact to people who own automobiles is that dents are virtually unavoidable. The chances of acquiring them are big and are present everywhere, even when the vehicle is stationery. Acts of nature also cause substantial creases on body panels especially the upward facing panels. Dent removal techniques in Orlando, Florida offer solutions that help maintain the car value and beauty.

Dents are classified in accordance to its position on the vehicle outer panels. However, they all are the same in the way they crease the car body and paint. Creases that are formed in location where the metal is stronger are harder to repair than those in floppy parts of the panel.

A number of ways exist that can successfully remove car dents. These methods are done by experienced repair technicians and individual owners who have gathered enough experience to do it. The type of ding present determines the method to be used in removing it. The methods also require different tools and materials for the task to be completed.

The most widely occurring is the smooth deformation because it is usually located in broad panels like the car doors. The immediate way of repairing it is to gently hit the ding back side with a rubber hammer. At times this yields no result therefore necessitating the use of a puller device. The device requires a tiny hole made at the dent's sharp point for it to be fitted in. It is later pulled outside thereby regaining the panel shape.

The most difficult dings to remove are the little and deep dents. This is because they are located on rigid curves that are toughened with extra metal components that prevent more panel surface to bulge inwards. This makes them to be deep and small. A lot of hitting would be required in order to eliminate them and this can lead to much paint damage on the outside.

As the name suggests, paint less ding removal does not involve repainting the crease location with body filler and paint after it has been removed. This is because it uses special tools to massage the deformation from the back side. It usually requires highly skilled technicians to perform it. It uses simple tools that include a mirror and a pry bar. The other advantage of this technique is that this job can be done at home by the technician because of the ease of carrying these tools.

Another equally important method under the paint less concept is glue pulling. This approach is used to remove deformations that are hard to reach from the inside. It uses strong metal adhesives to stick devices on the deformation outer parts. The devices are then pulled to the point where the dent is repaired. It however is suitable on an original painting surface in order to avoid instances of paint peeling off.

Today the paint less technique is much favored than the traditional one. This is because it takes less time and money for the whole repair completion. A sizable number of car insurers support its use because it does not affect the car valuation. Because of this dent removal poses no more headaches to vehicle owners.

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